Web 2.0 – But what’s it all about??


So many people in education are saying….

what’s a blog?

what’s a wiki?

how do I learn more?

Well, here are a list of links that might help clear up some of the mystery, and get you on the road to stumbling, blogging, wiki-ing, social bookmarking etc….. its fun, and its easy!

The essential things to know about web 2.0 is that it is designed to be more and better – the web as we know it, but with increased interactivity, and a the ability to create and participate in the web without having huge IT knowledge – just like this blog. Who knew that it could be possible to have such an (hm hmmm) professional looking site, with absolutlely no web authoring skills (well, I do know frontpage, but that hardly counts, does it!?). That’s the beauty of web 2.0 – ordinary people like you and me can create beautiful and interesting things – but it is also the downfall – anyone can create anything… and although Wikipedia has apparently very close to the same level of authenticity and ‘correctness’ as Encyclopedia Brittanica, is it always the case, and can you always rely on the kindness of strangers to put you on the right path??

That’s why it is so important to teach critical literacy, and web-wisdom to our kids – so that they can identify the pearlers, and throw out the junk – after all we don’t believe everything we read, do we?

Enough rant, here are the links!!


fantastic explanation of what web 2.0 is, with links to further info.


a huge list of web 2.0 tools that could be useful in a classroom setting.


A very comprehensive walkthrough of what a wiki is, and how it might be used in a variety of settings – also part of a very interesting website for teachers in its beta (test) mode – check it out!


A wiki created by grade one and two children – real life proof that ICT is not just for older children!!


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