Grammar – there is no cool way to present it…..

Grammar – you either love it or you hate it.

While punctuation has stylish and funky people like Lynne Truss stylin’ in up in best-selling books like Eats, Shoots and Leaves, poor old grammar remains the unpopular cousin. The one that no one likes, but everyone grudgingly accepts is oh so necessary.

Does anyone remember ‘English Magic’? It was a horrible, boring textbook, that had countless grammar exercises that no one enjoyed. It had a picture of a cute wizard on the front, stirring a cauldron, in a very weak attempt to convince us that Grammar was fun – and indeed, within the pages of that book, nothing could have been further from the truth.

Many people today confess that they don’t know much about grammar. They might have grown up during that unfortunate educational fad of whole language, where english skills such as grammar and phonics were supposedly absorbed by students via some kind of magic osmosis. Or perhaps they weren’t as nerdy as I was, and they didn’t conscientiously complete their ‘English Magic’ activities as they were told.

Well, never mind. Help is at hand!! Below you will find a number of websites that focus on grammar, and they even try to make it fun! I don’t know if that is possible, but full marks for trying! So if you need to teach a grammar lesson, or if you aren’t sure of your past participles and your parsing skills are … well, less than pars-able (weak grammar joke!) check out the links below! And have fun!!!! (I wonder what did become of that poor old English Magic wizard??) 


The NSW Dept of Education gives teachers great support where they need it! The above link takes you to a site that helps if:

  • Are you anxious about teaching grammar?
  • Do you want to teach grammar without using a textbook?
  • Would you like to learn more about teaching grammar,

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then the following units of work might be for you. They were written, trialled and modified by practising primary teachers in NSW as part of the Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme (AGQTP). These units can be used in two ways: as downloadable teaching units or as models for you to develop your own unit of work. Each of the units is outcomes-based and follows the teaching learning cycle of planning, programming, teaching and gathering assessment. Each unit exemplifies the explicit teaching of Grammar in Context for meaning and accuracy.

This site is part of the English BBC website, and it presents ‘fun’ games that teach about grammar.

Earn bananas as your gorilla teaches you parts of speech and other ‘fun’ grammar things!!

 Unsure of which word to use?? Got a sentence that just doesn’t sound right? Check it out with Dr Grammar, as he answers heaps of frequently asked questions (faqs).

 Have a blast with these quizzes!! No really, they are ok for kids to click through, to check their grammar skills!!

 A grammar activity with an environmental bent – meet SOSE outcomes while you check you grammar, as you clean up the beach which has become littered with bad grammar – I speak the truth!!

 This game is actually quite cute. Catch the words that the bird drops from the sky, and win bits of cheese – a flash animated game that kinda makes grammar fun!!

 If you were a fan of space invaders in the 80s (if you are too young to remember that I don’t wanna know!!) you will love this cute robot and his attempts to make grammar fun!! Love also the yellow scrolling script a la Star Wars (again, people born after 1980 – I don’t wanna know!!!!) 🙂

 Help Chubbs hit the target!! Identify the parts of speech and help him refine his ‘bow and plunger’ skills! ( I never knew you could use a plunger in this way, but if it teaches one child grammar, then go right ahead!)


A whole range of ‘games’ that teach various parts of grammar – I use the word game VERY loosely.


Not even Harry Potter can make Grammar cool!Not even Harry Potter can make Grammar fun – no amount of Wizards can truly make Grammar exercises ‘English Magic!’.



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  1. sunaina
    Jun 10, 2009 @ 03:45:56

    Im thrilled to go through this site ……being a teacher for me u r a good support.


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