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StumbleUpon - a whole new web world!StumbleUpon - a whole new web world!StumbleUpon - a whole new web world!I have stumbled (yes literally, I’ll tell you more about that later!) upon a terrific Web 2.0 app that could be really, really useful in an educational setting.

It’s called Scribd ( and according to its blurb, it is a free online library where anyone can upload. If you want to check out what is already there, the best way is to click browse up the top, then on the new page click ‘tag cloud’ on the side. This gives you a page of tags for what people have already written, and you can select according to your interests. Of course, as anyone can upload, there is some wierd stuff, but there is also some great info as well!!

But wait – there’s more! If you open up a document, it gives you the option to download it as a pdf, as a word doc, or as a sound file! That’s right, the computer reads aloud whatever text is on the page!! Now that doesn’t sound that interesting, except for when you consider how this might be used to support students who are struggling to read – you can upload whatever text you wish, then get the student to download it as a sound file, and they can read along with the computer! The computer does get a few words wrong now and then itself, and has some wierd pronunciations of the occasional tricky word, but for a free app, the possibilities are endless!!

Now, for the stumbling. No, I wasn’t drunk. Many of you might have already stumbled upon StumbleUpon, a fantastic program that lets you stumble from website to website according to a set of keywords that you enter in which define the type of website you are interested in. If you stumble across a site you like, give it a thumbs up. If not, give it a thumbs down, and stumble upon will try not to send you to sites like that again. You download a toolbar that has a ‘stumble’ button, and one click takes you to random sites that you might never have discovered! It has its own social network, you can blog sites you like, and review sites for others. There is so much to explore with stumbleupon, and it gives hours of surfing pleasure!! To find out more, go to

Now, because all of this web 2.0 stuff is so ‘scary scary future future’ – check out the quiz below for a bit of retro happiness!!

Your 80s Theme Song Is:

Down Under by Men at Work
What’s Your 80s Theme Song?

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