Visual Search Engines

Inspired by a hit placed on the OZTLNET forum, I decided to explore the concept of visual search engines. This was a little difficult for me, because I am NOT a visual person. Reading text, yes. Looking at pictures, interpreting diagrams, seeing things mapped out – no. I love linear text – ok, so I can totally click all over the place on the internet, but to see something in a visual way does not make it any clearer for me


for many people, visual responses to searches are a Godsend. If you prefer to see something mapped out in a type of cluster, KartOO, Grokker and Mooter are for you. Check out these links to see what I am talking about:

Here is an example of the results that you can expect as displayed by KartOO:

Another cool search engine is retrievr – select a picture, either from your hard drive or from a website, and retrievr will find many, many images that match the one you have selected according to the most pronounced shapes and slabs of colors – ideal for when you are doing a collage or wanting to build up a theme – it can be found at .

So have fun!

Oh, and if you wanted to know where the name ‘Grokker’ came from – Wikipedia tells us :

The name Grokker is inspired by the 1961 Robert A. Heinlein science fiction classic “Stranger in a Strange Land,” in which Grok is a Martian word meaning literally ‘to drink’ and metaphorically ‘to be one with.’ To grok something is to understand something so well that it is fully absorbed into oneself. It is to look at every problem, opportunity, action, and point of view from any and all perspectives.

One day I hope to grok the internet!!!



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