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Many of you will be aware of the power of Delicious. Delicious is just one example of social bookmarking, where you can ‘bookmark’ sites as favourites on your own little part of the huge Delicious website, thus making your bookmarks available wherever you go, rather than being stuck on your own personal computer.

The power of Delicious lies not only in making your bookmarks accessible to you, but in making everyone else’s bookmarks available also. By ‘tagging’ your websites with brief one or two word descriptors, you enable a search to be conducted across the entire site for bookmarks others have labelled similarly. Therefore if you have a particular interest in say ‘algebra’ , and you do a search across Delicious, you will pull up all of the sites that have been tagged ‘algebra’ by everyone else also. This may lead to the discovery of some amazing sites that you had never stumbled upon.

You can also ‘subscribe’ to certain tags, so that whenever someone tags a site with the words you have subscribed to, they get added to a list that you can go through whenever it suits you, thus bringing even more great sites to your attention.

Our school has a delicious account that you are welcome to check it. It has over 150 useful educational links – some for children to use, others for teachers. You can find it at

If you want a visual picture of the tags in this Delicious account, check out:

Another example of Web2.0!!

Happy exploring!!



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