Simple Learning Objects

 Okay, so this is not really an ‘online’ resource, but after a recent inservice I have fallen in love with using powerpoint to create simple learning objects.

A learning object is a tool that encourages children to interact with their learning digitally.  A paper published by Margaret Haughey of the University of Alberta and Bill Muirhead of University of Ontario Institute of Technology at finds that although learning objects have many definitions, essentially they are used to:

  • introduce new topics and skills
  • provide reinforcement to existing skills
  • extend learning by providing new means for presenting curricular material
  • illustrate concepts that are less easily explained through traditional teaching methods
  • support new types of learning opportunities not available in a classroom environment
  • provide enrichment activities for gifted and highly motivated students

I have been using powerpoint to create very simple learning objects, but I would dearly love to learn how to use Flash, as this provides more flexibility with animation and with the types of effects that you can achieve. Using powerpoint involves the use of clipart and many, many hyperlinks, so that when a student clicks on a particular image or word, they are taken to another slide that provides a response to their decision. To illustrate, I have uploaded a simple learning object that I have developed for Prep children (aged 4 and a half years old) that retells the parable of the Lost Coin from the Gospel of Luke, and encourages them to participate in helping the old lady recover it. You can see it below.

The Lost Coin Learning Object 

For further tips on how to use powerpoint to create learning objects, check out these websites:

Have fun!


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