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This entry is more about blogging than education, but I am trying to raise the profile of my blog, so that I can raise the profile of educational blogs in general… so I stumbled (literally) on this page and thought I’d give it a go.

Viral Reciprocal Carousel is a great free way to raise the ranking of your blog with Technorati and other opinion leade

– copy and paste from this line (including the line) —

Why this will work

  • It provides value through personal recommendations
  • Links to your blog with linktext of your choice
  • Backlinks come from within a dedicated content about your blog
  • Rotating content will prevent it from penalties from search engines
  • It is viral – more participants means greater effect

How it works

Simply follow these few steps to get it working for you:

  • Create a new post on your blog and start it with a few words about how you came into this carousel.
  • Copy and paste the entire text between the red lines (including the red lines, too).
  • Check if all links are working after copy and paste.
  • Remove the very last recommendation from the list.
  • Add a recommendation for a blog you love to the top of the list with at least 2 to 3 sentences about why you love to read that blog, and add a little note that you recommend it, together with a link to your blog. Here is an example: is a blog I love to read. It provides latest information about blogging, link building and blog seo issues. From detailed how-to articles to some ultimate resource lists, Marco covers a wide variety of information for your daily blogging routine. Recommended by: WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er

Blogs I recommend because I love to read them daily:

  • Shambles – What’s new and exciting is a great blog, full of educational tips for icts and for new ideas for integrating web 2.0 technologies into teaching. Check it out for a fresh look at new technology! Recommended by Educational Resources Online.
  • – Alex Sysoef is my blogging guru. His Web 2.0 Wealth blogging system is dynamite! And his blog provides more valuable information on blogging than any other blog I know of. It’s a must-read if you want to make money blogging. Recommended by: Blog Design Journal
  • – Terry Dean is one of the original Internet Marketing guru’s who retired after having a huge success and going from pizza delivery to a true internet riches. I read his blog on daily bases among a few other. Always prefer to go to the source of information and his blog is one of them. Recommended by: WordPress Web 2.0 Guide
  • – run by George Manty is the definite ressource when it comes to monetizing your blog. Being more than 2 years on the scene, there are several hundreds of articles on making money online. Take your time to read through them all – it´s worth it. Recommended by: Marco Richter
  • – More than 10 authors contribute interesting blogging topics to this site. If you want to stay updated on what´s hot in the blogosphere, this blog is a must read. Recommended by: Marco Richter
  • – run by Sarah Pacopac does more than blogging topics and goes out to browser relates issues and also provides some design and affiliate marketing information. Recommended by: Marco Richter
  • – run by Bryan Clark is a good stop for bloggers wanting to learn more about generating visitors for their own blogs. He adds some time management topics for those among us looking for optimization of their daily routine. Recommended by: Marco Richter
  • – This one is a completely community driven project. Everyone is invited to sign up and write a post on the blog. Many contest will be attracting other bloggers to come in and join the project. I think this will become even more influential in the future, it´s definitely worth taking a closer look. Recommended by: Marco Richter
  • – Mark´s blog is well-established and concentrates on topics about the relationship between bloggers and their readers. His posts are often titled as questions, what helps starting a conversation with the audience. Recommended by: Marco Richter

This carousel has been started by Marco Richter – the basic concept is a slightly adjusted version of Alex Sysoef´s reciprocal review carousel.

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So now apparently I sit back and watch the hits roll in…. fingers crossed!


Environmentally Friendly Green Black Google!

Some of you may have already heard of Blackle – Google’s energy saving sister site, which is exactly the same as Google except for its black screen, which saves energy. How? According to Blackle, research tells us that  “Image displayed is primarily a function of the user’s color settings and desktop graphics, as well as the color and size of open application windows; a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen.” Roberson et al, 2002

So to save energy in a completely painless way, go Blackle!!

Another site that gives heaps of green tips is Treehugger. I am not the world’s biggest greenie – in fact sometimes my showers tip over the four minute mark, and I have been known to forget to turn lights off…. but if setting my homepage is as hard as it gets, I am in!

So why am I writing about this in what is supposedly an educational blog? Well, imagine if every school altered their settings so that all of their computers featured blackle instead of google – surely heaps of energy savings to be had there, far more than just one individual home computer. So come on teachers – Blackle is it!!!!! 

Until next time..


The Visual Generation and Christianity

As someone born on the cusp of Gen Y, it still sometimes amazes and overwhelms me when I try to take in all of the visual input that surrounds me. Everywhere we go, and particularly in the virtual world, we are surrounded by visual information, demanding attention. Pop up windows, split screens, emoticons…. blinking signs, huge screens, advertising – all of it screams look at me! Take notice!

So how do we best appeal to learners who are not only surrounded by this, they thrive on it! I once read that we take in more information reading a newspaper than a woman in the 18th Century took in during her entire life – any wonder people feel like their head is too full and there is not enough time! One answer is to take advantage of Audio Visual techniques. I could talk for a million years on this topic, such is the breadth and depth of it, however today I am narrowing the focus to visual literacy in Christianity – sparked by an article I read in ‘Pointers’ – the Bulletin of the Christian Research Association.  Here’s a quote from it:

“I have often been amazed at the way religious themes move into ordinary aspects of our lives, especially those parts of the media which surround us and we take for granted. I once remarked to someone about the important political, social justice and even religious themes in Steven Seagal films. The person was a little incredulous, but when I
outlined some of the movies in which themes of political and environmental justice issues
predominated and the Buddhist influence on Seagal himself, it was evident that the person would look upon these films in a different way. Images are all around us, but it sometimes takes a second look to see what is there.” Peter Bentley

While I am not suggesting we rush out and buy the entire Steven Seagal collection (thanks to my husband, we already own this!) I am suggesting that in the areas of Religious Education, Values Education, Social Justice and even faith formation, something that captures the imagination of our students (in this case, film) may be just the ticket, especially if it offers the chance for ‘real life’ , ‘real world’ or  ‘secular’ concepts to be reinterpreted through a deeper lense – because that is what religion and faith really is, isn’t it – taking the experiences of life and responding to them through the lense of our beliefs and values? It is certainly not something removed from everyday life, thought of only on a Sunday, and in our best clothes at that (despite what we are sometimes led to believe).

Links that provide reviews of secular films through a Christian perspective:

A funky site that offers ‘pop culture from a spiritual point of view’ – check it out for reviews of movies, dvds, books, music and comics.

Fox Faith is an online guide to current and upcoming faith-based video releases from Fox Faith, a new branded distribution label from Twentieth Century Fox, created to house and distribute its growing portfolio of morally-driven, family friendly programming. To be a part of Fox Faith, a movie has to have overt Christian content, or be derived from the work of a Christian author.

The Dove Foundation provides timely movie reviews easily available on our website.

  • Prepares consumers by providing them with detailed content information before they purchase, rent or attend a movie

  • Includes a synopsis of the film, a critical review, and a content description supported by an easy-to-read chart

  • Rates the quality of Dove Family-Approved films ranging from one to five “Doves”

 The Dove Foundation promotes family-friendly entertainment. Our standards and criteria are based on Judeo/Christian values, free from the pressure of commercial interests. We believe in a positive approach of commending high-quality, wholesome movies rather than condemning filmmakers for not meeting those standards.

Christianity Today Movies is an award-winning website devoted to film reviews, interviews and commentary, all written from a biblical perspective. Our mission statement is “to inform and equip Christian moviegoers to make discerning choices about films through timely coverage, insightful reviews and interviews, educated opinion, and relevant news—all from a biblical worldview.”

 So next time you feel that your class needs a little ‘visual literacy’ – perhaps consult these databases for a lesson that will hopefully impact both mind and heart!

Until next time…

Jig-saw a-rama!!

Check it out!!! There are heaps of fun online jigsaws that you can complete – improve your spatial awareness and visual awareness with this cool tool that allows you to not only complete the jigsaws that are already there, but also to upload your own photos to make jigsaws that suit your unit of work – check out the shortlisted books for Bookweek jigsaws that have already been created!!

Better yet, insert your jigsaw into your webpage or blog, like this:

Click to Mix and Solve

or this!!

Click to Mix and Solve

First Useful Site!!!

Well the first site that is of course a huge wealth of knowledge is the Edna site –

Education Network Australia (edna) is Australia’s leading online resource collection and collaborative network for the education and training community. You can search through resources, join online groups and find out the latest educational news via feeds and podcasts. Check it out if you haven’t already!!

Hello world!

Hi all

This is a new blog that intends to share the wide range of educational resources that are available on the web. This way people can access the links wherever they are, without having to necessarily go to the computer that has their favourites on it. I hope that as the list of links grows, it will become increasingly useful as a planning tool, and it should save time finding things to support whatever unit of work you are currently teaching.

Why not subscribe, and receive a feed daily direct to your own blog or to your favourites! If you download Internet Explorer 7, you will be able to receive feeds directly from this blog at the click of the mouse!

So have fun looking at all the links in what I hope will be a very fast growing site.
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